I can login using IE 9, but no data populates. For e.g., when I go to My Logs page, I do get a field to enter a new log entry, but simply get a spinning symbol below the archives heading, and nothing appears there.


First of all, IE 9 is a very old version of this browser. You should upgrade to the latest version (11). Plus, even with the latest version of Internet Explorer, we recommend that you rather use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari (on Mac).

But if, for various reasons, you cannot change the browser, cannot upgrade IE either, and are limited to using Internet Explorer 9, then you have a "Compatibility Mode" enabled there. On the address bar, next to the Search, Lock, Refresh and Stop icons, there is also an icon that looks like a broken page. We assume it's colored blue. All you need to do is click on that icon to disable it.

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