I integrated the Console on my external website, but my clients are taken to the Welcome page there, instead of the Login page. How do I direct them to the Login page?


You probably embedded the Console on your external website using the link to your Console Welcome page. You can change that URL with your Login page URL directly in the code you used on your external website (you can copy the link from the browser navigational bar when you go to your Console Login page), or, if you are not sure how to proceed in the scenario above, you can reintegrate the Console in your external website with a fresh code.

For this second solution, on your coach end in the Console > WEBSITE TAB > Settings > section "Integrate Coaches Console Private Client Website into External Website", you can choose from the drop-down list of the pages the Login page and then generate the code. Copy that code and replace it on your external website in the integration page.

If you encounter issues, you can submit a support ticket in the Help Desk (from your coach Dashboard > Support section) and provide the link (URL) to the integration page on your external website, so that we can check it for you.

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