I have a list of prospects that I want to import, but not all of them have a last name. Can I still import all of them?


No, in order to import a contact, you need all of the following information: first name, last name, email address. Without that data, your Coaches Console system can't function and won't allow that contact to be imported. It will skip over any contact that doesn't have all three pieces of data and will only import those that do. 

Additional Note: In order to meet spam regulations and requirements typically you need to have contacts opt in and choose to be subscribed to receive your mailings (which is the purpose of the Opt-In Sidebar Box and the Opt-In Autoresponder in your Console system, and most programs out there require a double-opt-in process). The best way to get your contact list current and up to date is to send out emails from your current email system giving your contacts your direct link to your website and opt-in form so they can subscribe to your mailing list. Then you will have the required data for the contacts in your contact list and a good mailing list to then market to. We do treat spam very seriously as it effects the integrity of our overall system and servers. Our system monitors spam reports from recipients and if too many contacts report an individual coach as spam then we will take action to make sure you are not sending material that is not appropriate or to people who don't want it. The best way to stay in alignment with this is to make sure that the contacts on your list know you are communicating with them and want to be communicated with. Using the Opt-In Sidebar (which is directly connected to the Opt-In Autoresponder) will ensure this for you and your contacts.

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