I have a client who is unable to log into the website from her personal computer, but she can from other computers.Wondering if there is an incompatibility with Macs?


The login process should work across all major platforms and operating systems in use today (Windows PC, Mac OS, Apple and Android tablets and phones) and in all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer for Windows, Microsoft Edge for Windows 10).

There could be 4 reasons why your clients cannot login:

  1. They have Javascript disabled in their browser OR
  2. They have the cookies disabled OR
  3. They have a firewall that prevents her users to login (unlikely for the one who cannot login on IE, but can login on Firefox) OR
  4. They have some kind of ad-block or similar scripts that prevent cookies/session or Javascript files to be executed.

This is something out of our control and they should troubleshoot the above points by themselves or with someone who knows a little bit about computers (not necessarily a tech guru).

You can mention on the FAQs page on your Console website that the preferable browsers for clients to access their Private Client Site are Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (for Mac).

Also, please bare in mind that the Mac + Internet Explorer combination is a little bit odd to use, since there haven't been any official Internet Explorer releases for Macs.

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