Can I import contacts directly into groups?


If you have your contacts in Outlook, ACT or QuickBooks organized into groups, then when you import the contacts, they not only are classified under the Prospects status, but the group names and classifications are also imported and organized. In the second step of the client's import you also have a select box to import your clients into a group.

The import procedure for assigning contacts into multiple groups:

  1. It will be good practice to have a column in your import CSV file called "Groups". You can have a contact assigned to multiple groups there; separate the groups by semi-colon (;) in the column of the import file.
  2. Create those same groups in advance in the Console (in the CONTACTS TAB > MANAGE GROUPS link in the Tools section to the right > Name and Add group) and make sure they are named exactly as in the "Groups" column of the import CSV file.
  3. To start the import process, go to the "Import/Export Contacts" icon (with the two counterpointing arrows) in the lower left corner of the coach screen, choose "Custom" as File Type, select the import CSV file from your local device and click on "IMPORT CONTACTS".
  4. In the field matching window that follows, make sure you match correctly the Console client data fields to the left (listed as they are in CONTACTS TAB > CONTACT NAME > "Profile" tab > Client Information section) with the data columns in your import CSV file to the right (select the appropriate column from the drop-down lists). Don't forget to match the Console's "Groups" field with the import file's "Groups" column.
  5. At the bottom of the field matching window, section "Import clients in group", click on the drop-down list and choose the option "Take group from the Groups field".
  6. When you have all the settings in place, click on the button "Save Clients".
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