How does the "Register" process work?


Self-Registration Process:

This is ideal to use in two ways:

1) To send prospects who are ready to start coaching.  They can go to your website and click on the "Register" tab to create their own account. The benefit of this is that you do not have to create their username/password and they can do that on their own.  It also allows you to not have to be present when the prospect is ready to say "YES".

When a prospect/client goes to your website and clicks on "Register", they submit their name, email and create a username and password that is assigned to their account.

For security measures, people who self-register are categorized as prospects in your contact list and are not able to login until you mark them as an "active" client.  This prevents just anyone/everyone from accessing your private material designed only for clients.

When a person submits the information in the self-register form two things happen simultaneously:

  1. A message is displayed for the prospect/client to let them know they can login once their account is activated by the coach;
  2. An immediate email is sent to you as the coach. This serves as your notification and reminder to log into your Console system and mark the self-registered prospect as an Active Client.

Once the person is marked as "Active", the username and password that the prospect/client created are now active and that individual can log into your private client area to access forms, etc.

2) The second way you can use the "Register" menu is in the event that you provide sample sessions or initial consultations for new clients. This is a way that they can "register" for those types of appointments before they ever engage in your coaching services. But bare in mind that the feature of the Complimentary Session form was created for this particular reason: it will allow a prospect to directly schedule a first (free) appointment with you, a process which will require that such a client registers into your Console system.

Also remember that once prospects/clients register themselves and you mark their account as active, you would still need to communicate with them to let them know they can login and perhaps even provide the login link to your private site so they can retain it for their records.

If, for any reason, you do not want to use the Register feature, you can deactivate it from your coach end > WEBSITE TAB > Settings > Additional Options > option "Enable new client registration from the private website". Uncheck this option and save the change.

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