Can I store, send and play audio files for my clients in the Console?


In the Console, you could upload the file as a document if it is no bigger than 20Mb and you can also attach it to a Client Log entry for individual clients, where the system allows bigger file sizes (around 80Mb). But in these cases the clients would need to download the file and play it on their local computers with dedicated software. That is because the Console does not have audio/video rendering capabilities of its own.

If you want the audio file to play inside the Console, the solution would be to upload it on a hosting platform such as YouTube or Vimeo, and convert it to a clip that you could post in your newsletters, website pages, sidebar boxes, or course lessons. Or you can use a professional paid service like AudioAcrobat, that provides hosting for audio files and a player that can be embed in the Console pages.


  1. If you will embed audio and video file players into the Console, make sure the link (URL) to your audio files hosted outside the Console is secured (https, not just http). AudioAcrobat, YouTube, and Vimeo are services that provide such secured (https) links for the audio and video files.
  2. Please note that if you will ever attempt to embed a player code for your audio files into your communications (emails, newsletters, autoresponders), so that clients could listen to the files inside their email inboxes, that will not work because generally email providers to not allow the playback of audio and videos inside inboxes, for security reasons. You can only provide a link to the audio or video file that will open outside the client's email inbox in a different window.
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