I realized I misspelled a client's name and I've corrected his name in the client's profile. However, the titles in the calendar's appointments do not reflect that change. How do I update the client’s name on the already scheduled appointment titles?


In order to optimize the loading time, the client/group name (if checked) is automatically added in the appointment title as text not as a reference. That means that the system does not recognize it technically as a "name" that needs to be updated when you update the last name field in the personal info form. It recognizes it only as text.

So, to change the current appointment titles you have scheduled, the easiest way would be to simply click on the individual appointment or on the earliest appointment in the recurring series, select a neighboring name, then reselect the intended client's name from the pull down menu and click save (be sure to choose the option to update/edit ALL occurrences in an appointment series).

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