Is there way to add notes on a client? Sometimes I will see a "note" box for client profile, but most times I don't see it. I want to be able to add in a couple paragraphs of info on a client from my initial call with them.


There are various places within your system that you can take notes for a client:

  1. The "Notes" field in the Client Profile Page - this is intended for you to capture additional profile information (hobbies, favorite books, etc).  These notes are private and only seen by you as the coach.
  2. "Take Notes / Call Strategy" within the Appointments Section - this is where you would take notes that pertain to a particular coaching session with a client. These notes are private and only seen by you as the coach.
  3. "Session Follow Up Notes Emailed To The Client" within the "Take Notes" section of the Appointment - this is where you would type any follow up notes that you would like to share with your client after a session.  This is organized by appointment date and is ideal for accountability after each session.  These notes are filed in your Console system by Appointment and are also emailed to your client's inbox.
  4. "Client Log" within the Client File area for each client - this is where you would take additional notes that you want to have on file for your client, but are not necessarily associated with any particular appointment.  The notes that you enter in the "Client Log" can either be private for your viewing only or there is an option that you can make a client log post available and seen by the client. This is a great way to communicate and support your clients in between each coaching session.

Since you most likely will have the initial call with your client scheduled in your Console Calendar, my recommendation would be to utilize the "TAKE NOTES" area. That way the specific notes you want to add for the initial call will be saved/organized by date (and will be private to only you.

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