Do inactive clients still receive emails, newsletters and autoresponders? How is this managed in the system?


Receiving emails and newsletters is different than receiving autoresponders. 

They have separate subscriptions. In order for inactive clients to not receive emails and newsletters anymore, indeed, they need to be unsubscribed from emails, respectively newsletters. In order not to receive autoresponders, they need to be unsubscribed from each autoresponder they are currently subscribed to. 

Group emails and newsletter subscription settings are managed by the coach in the client's Personal Information form: in Contacts menu > Contact Name > link 'Edit info' at the top right corner > scroll down to section 'Subscription Settings'.


Autoresponder subscription settings are managed by the coach in the client's Autoresponders section: in Contacts menu > Contact Name > Autoresponders section to the right of the main contact page > link 'View all' > turn on/off each autoresponder series, depending on the case.


After a long debate between various requirements from coaches, it was established that, as long as they are subscribed to group emails, newsletters and autoresponders (all under the Communicate menu), inactive clients will continue to receive them because a majority of coaches want to stay in touch with their inactive clients.

Only DELETED clients no longer receive anything for obvious reasons.

Important: The inactive clients do not receive work-related communications, such as appointment confirmations or reminders, which are not to be confused with the autoresponder series created in Communicate menu > Autoresponders (usually a series of marketing messages).

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    Andrea Meier

    I want to try to reactivate some of my inactive clients with an offer for a complimentary wellness session to improve sleep. I have created a template letter with a calendar link and--because they are already in my system--gave them login info. But when I tested it, I got an error message that they couldn't log in because they were inactive.

    Question 1. Do I have to make all of mi inactives actives to make this work?

    Also, I am confused how to send custom opt-ins to existing contacts (active and inactive) after they have made appointments. What are the steps?


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