In the session notes, what is the difference between the coach's notes and the notes for the client?


Two things:

1) When you click on the "Take Notes" button for a specific appointment, be sure to type your private notes/comments/thoughts in the "Coach's Private Notes" section of the page. That way, your client doesn't see anything you don't want them to see.

2) At the bottom of the "Appointment Notes" section is the content editor box labeled "Appointment Notes To E-Mail To {Client Name}". This is where you type in any follow up notes that you desire the client to see/receive. It works just like an email message does. Whatever you type in this section will be emailed in a formatted email (your logo, colors) and sent to your client's inbox. 

Whenever you click on the "Take Notes" button for past/current/future appointments you will always see (1) the answers the client gave to the Call Strategy form prior to the appointment, (2) your private notes and (3) any follow up notes you've saved/sent.

And at the top of the APPOINTMENTS Section for each and every one of your clients, there is a "View All Notes" button. This will allow you to view one running document of all your notes (your private notes and any follow up notes) you've ever recorded for the client.

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