How do clients interpret the list of documents on their private website? It is not always clear to them what they need to click on to download them.


In the new templates, when a client logs into your private website and clicks on the Documents sub-menu from the Forms menu, they will see the Document category name and, under it, a table with 2 columns: File and Description. The link to the documents (to click and view them) is not in the description column, but in the File column where you will only see icons for the documents. For example, Word documents will have their specific icon, while images and HTML files (like the Templates for welcoming new clients) will have a generic "i" icon. In order to view the documents, you need to hover your screen arrow over the icons in the File column until you see the graphic of the hand with the pointed finger (to show the presence of a link), then to click on the icons.

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