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How do I make sure clients find their documents on the private portal?


By default, we place the Documents system page (that lists all the documents a client has access to) as a sub-menu under the main "Forms" menu. The documents won't be shown on the main Forms page, but only when the client clicks on the Documents sub-menu from the drop down list of the Forms menu.

You can, however, link the Documents to its own main menu, if you want to. Steps:

  1. Click on Website > Menu. In the Menu section you'll see all of your main menus listed, along with any sub-menus created underneath them.
  2. In your menu list you'll see the FORMS main menu and "Documents" as a sub-menu linked to the Documents system page.
  3. To the right of the "Documents" sub-menu, click on the red "Delete" command (in the drop-down menu) and this will remove "Documents" as a sub-menu.
  4. Then click on the "ADD MENU" orange button at the top of the Menu section.
  5. Title the new menu "Documents".
  6. Select the option "Place it: in the Main Menu".
  7. Click on the "Links to:" drop-down list and select the "Documents" page.
  8. Click "Save".

Now you have a main menu added to your private client portal that is linked to your Documents system page (where your uploaded documents will be displayed to each client depending on documents permissions).

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