I have documents uploaded. However, they are not appearing on the Forms page. Is there a way to make for the documents their own page (menu) versus a sub page (sub-menu) of Forms?


By default, we place the Documents as a sub-menu under the main forms menu. The documents won't be shown on the main Forms page, but only when you click on the Documents sub-menu from the drop down list of the Forms menu. You can make Documents its own main menu. Here's how: Click on WEBSITE > MENU. On the Menu screen you'll see all of your Main Menus listed along with any sub-menus listed underneath. In your list you'll see the FORMS Main Menu and Documents as a sub-menu. To the right of the Documents Sub-menu click on the red "Delete" command (in the drop-down menu) and this will remove Documents as a sub-menu. Then click on the "ADD MENU" orange button at the top of the Menu screen. Title the new menu "Documents". Select "Place in the Main Menu". Click on the pull down menu for "Page" and scroll down until you see "Page: Documents". Click "Add". Now you have a main menu added to your website that is linked to your documents page (where your uploaded documents will be displayed).

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