Is there a place on the client private website where the client can see all the session notes, besides the email notifications that I send her/him?


If you are using the "Session Follow up Notes" (in CONTACTS TAB > CLIENT NAME > APPOINTMENTS > "Take Notes"), then your clients will receive an email from you with the notes pertaining to just that session. IF your client saves the received emails in their inbox they would have the collection of all their session follow up notes from you. But there is not a way for them to see all the session follow up notes while logged into your private client website.

The feature you would want to use to accomplish this would be the Client Log (CONTACTS TAB > CLIENT NAME > CLIENT LOG). Using this feature to post your notes would allow both you and your client to see any/all past client log posting while logged in. The only thing you would miss is that all of your notes + your follow up notes would not be saved in the same place (CONTACTS TAB > CLIENT NAME > APPOINTMENTS > "Take Notes" button). But as long as you know that your private notes are in the Take Notes button and the follow up notes are in the client log, you will be just fine (as will your client).

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