How can I take notes for the coaching sessions and how do I control whether the client sees or not these notes?


There are two places in which you can take notes for a client.

  1. "Take Notes" button specific to each client appointment (CONTACTS TAB > CLIENT NAME > APPOINTMENTS).
  2. Client Log specific to each client (CONTACTS TAB > CLIENT NAME > CLIENT LOG), but which is not associated with any appointment on the calendar).

1) When you click on the "Take Notes" button, you will see two places in which you can "Take Notes":

(a) The "Coach's Session Notes" box, private for the coach only. Not even the client sees these notes.

(b) "Appointment Notes to Email to the client" box, where you can enter follow up notes for the client. These notes are only emailed to that specific client when you check the "Email Client Notes" option before saving.

2) When you enter a Client Log, you can assign the client log a specific date (that corresponds to the client appointment) and take your notes here.  There is also an option for you to display the client log you just entered to your client (and only that particular client).  If you choose this option (to display the client log to the client), then your client will receive an email notification that a log has been posted. This prompts/reminds the client to log into your private area and view the log you posted.

For both of these options, the default is to NOT send the notes/log and you must check them prior to saving if you want to activate them.

Either way, the "Take Notes" option, as well as the "Client Log" option are private to only you and the specific client. No one else can access the Client Log / Session Notes (unless, of course, the client has shared their username/password with someone).

When you post a client log you will see 3 options:

  • Show log to client,
  • Send email notification to client,
  • Include log note in email.

At first, the only visible option is "Show log to client" with the box unchecked. If you check the box, the other two options will appear and you can check their respective boxes.

Now you can make a clearer distinction and only send an email notification, but not the content. Then your client would log into your secured area to access/view the content.

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