Can I re-subscribe a client to an autoresponder series?


No, and this is in order to avoid spamming the client with the same messages. The system will know that the respective client received that autoresponder series before. So, even if you go to CONTACTS > CLIENT NAME >  “Autoresponders”  view all section, uncheck the radio button of the autoresponder series, save, then check the box again and save, the system will no longer send the messages in that autoresponder series.

If you really need to resend those autoresponder messages:

  1. One option would be to create another series autoresponder series (by copying the original series and changing its title a bit to differentiate it from the original) and subscribe the client to that copied series.
  2. Another option is to resend the messages in the autoresponder series manually, as direct emails (with the blue link “Send email to {Client Name}" in the top right corner of the client's Profile tab) by using the templates in the email templates drop-down list, which contains all the autoresponder series messages. In this latter case, you would need to send (or schedule & send) all messages one by one, so it might take a bit longer than the first solution described above.
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