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I have an agreement with automated invoicing, starting next month. However, the first invoice has already been generated. Why is that?


In the case of an agreement with automated invoicing, if you check the “Bill in advance of delivering services” option in the “Invoicing details” under Payment Options tab of the agreement wizard, the first invoice is always issued and sent immediately after the client signs the agreement. The rest of the invoices will be generated according to the payment plan (as they are listed in the projected invoices list).

If you do not want the first invoice to be generated from the first month of the agreement, but from the next month, then you need to leave the option “Bill in advance of delivering services” unchecked in the “Invoicing” tab when setting up the agreement.

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    Steffanie Lynch

    If I have set the client up for automated invoicing the first invoice is sent within 24 hours of acceptance of the agreement, but it is not sent immediately. Is there a way to invoice them immediately so that it is part of the agreement process? And without disrupting the invoicing plan of the upcoming payments.

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    Marius Chitosca

    In the case of agreements with automated invoicing, the system will need up to 24 hours to generate (and send to the client) the first invoice. That happens even when you setup the invoice date in the past or on the same day. So, what you ask (first invoice generated immediately) cannot be done with an agreement based on automated invoicing. You and the client will need to wait a bit for that first invoice to be generated.

    If you are in a hurry, you could create the first invoice outside of the agreement for the current month (with the button "Add Miscellaneous" in BILLING TAB > CREATE INVOICE) and then create the agreement with automated invoicing as starting from next month to continue the invoicing automatically.

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