Can I change the URL (on my Coaches Console website) to a shorter link to give to clients and contacts? Currently this is my only website portal for clients to find me via internet.


The website URL for you system that you have created under the MY ACCOUNT > Website Settings is the URL that is assigned to your Coaches Console website.

This is your specific link to your specific website.  There are two ways that you can use this link since this is currently your only website.

1) give your clients/prospects/referrals sources the link just as it is listed in the MY ACCOUNT > Website Settings or in WEBSITE > SETTINGS > WEBSITE URL.

2) create a "Registered Domain Name" (with a company such as or Network Solutions, etc) then point your Registered Domain Name to your Coaches Console URL.

Many of our members who use their coaches console website as their only website select option #2 above.  They register a domain name with ( for example). Then once you have your domain name registered you would log in to your GoDaddy account (or wherever you have registered the domain name) and do what they call "Pointing" or "Redirecting" your domain name to another website address. When prompted, give them your Coaches Console URL as the website address you wish to redirect your new registered domain name to.

So if you in fact register and that is the link you give to your prospects, when they type in in to their browser, they will automatically be taken to the Welcome page of your Coaches Console website.

Be sure to check with places like and Network Solutions as these are separate companies and there are additional fees for registering a domain name.

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