Can I personalize my email messages?


Absolutely. Using the "replacement tags" in the first step of creating an email (Email Content), you can create email blasts to multiple people while personalizing each message. Examples of replacement tags (see all the available replacement tags in the drop-down list of the email editor menu):

  • $FIRSTNAME$: The Contact's first name
  • $LASTNAME$: The Contact's last name
  • $CLIENTCOMPANY$: The Contact's company name
  • $USERNAME$: The Contact's log-in name
  • $LOGINLINK$: A link to the client side of your coach website

Important: Always be sure to write these replacement tags exactly the way you see them here: with capital letters, beginning and ending with the dollar sign, and no spaces in between. The best practice is to insert them by selecting them from the replacement tags drop-down list of the email editor.

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