Can I send emails from The Coaches Console?


Yes, from COMMUNICATE > Emails > button "CREATE EMAIL" you can send emails to multiple clients after you perform a filtering and selection of the contact names. Follow the wizard steps to get through the entire process. You can create and edit email templates as well.

If you only wish to send emails to one specific client, there is a feature for that in CONTACTS TAB > CONTACT NAME > "Profile" tab > link "Send Email to {Client Name}".

IMPORTANT: Please note that the Console does not provide or host an email address for the coach. The latter can provide an email of her/his own to use in the Console and the system will send the communications in the name of the coach's email address. The clients cannot reply to the coach in the Console. The client's Communication Log (CONTACTS TAB > CONTACT NAME > "Email Log") only features the messages sent to the client by the coach from the Console.

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