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I activated my merchant account. How do I connect it with the Console?


To make your merchant account work with the Console, you need to enter the bits of information required in the Console on your coach end  > BILLING > SETTINGS > “Merchant & PayPal”. This will make it possible for clients to pay manually invoices based on coaching agreements (created in CONTACTS  > CONTACT NAME > “Agreement” View All> New Agreement, or in BILLING > AGREEMENTS > New Client Agreement), invoices created with the “Add Line Item” button in BILLING > CREATE, and invoices for products with one time fees.

If you sell products with recurring billing (multiple monthly installments paid by charging automatically the buyer's credit or debit card), you will need to activate the CIM (Customer Information Manager) module on the Authorize.net end (in your Direct Pay account) and then enter the required information in the Console BILLING > SETTINGS > Tab “Recurring Billing”.

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    Laura Vidal

    double checking I entered my email address for paypal. I have set up my account with paypal and want to make sure if i set up my first invoice for a client that they can use console and it will be credited to my paypal account. Thanks, Laura

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    Marius Chitosca

    Hi, Laura,

    When we check your billing settings (in BILLING TAB > Settings > tab "Merchant & PayPal", we see that the PayPal email address is empty. Perhaps you entered your PayPal email address, but did not save (there a Save button at the bottom of the page there)? So, you will need to do that.

    Before sending a first actual invoice to a client, we recommend that you perform a test. Have a test client and create a manual invoice for the test client (in BILLING TAB > Create Invoice > use the button "Add Miscellaneous" to add an item to the invoice > create the draft invoice, then the actual invoice). Then login as the client (in CONTACTS TAB > CONTACT NAME > link "Login as {Contact Name}" in the upper right corner) and go to the Payments tab of the contact to see the invoice. If PayPal was setup properly, you will see a button "Pay with PayPal" in the lower left corner. After you review the process this way, you can proceed to the invoice for the real client.

    If you encounter obstacles or have more questions, you can submit a ticket in the Help Desk (from your coach DASHBOARD > "Support" section > link "Create a Support ticket" at the bottom of the section). It's better to send a support ticket instead of writing comments on FAQ articles, especially if you need to provide more specific details about an issue that may be rather private. :) Plus, this way you will have your questions/support requests listed in your personal Help Desk ticket archive.

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