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Can you explain the benefit of the Client Log as a tool?


The Client Log has many benefits. We will list them below and then will also point you to the place where you can really experience the benefits for you and your client. Here are the broad benefits:

  • provide exquisite client support in-between the coaching sessions;

  • ability to post completed homework assignments to the coach;

  • a way to share resources with your clients (in-between the coaching session);

  • a way for your clients to ask you questions to clarify coaching and "a-ha" moments from a specific session;

  • a tool your clients can use to journal about their coaching experiences, nuggets, challenges, etc.

To really learn more about this feature (and specifically how to use it), check out this recorded webinar from the "Optimize Your Console, Maximize Your Business" Training series (formerly known as Tues@2 calls):

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