Can I organize my contacts into Groups?


Yes, you can set up as many groups into your contact list as you wish. You can have as many contacts in any group. And any contact can be in no group, one group or a combination of groups.

Important: Keep in mind that Active, Hot Lead, Prospect, Buyer and Inactive are not groups of clients, but their status. These statuses come with the system and you cannot create additional statuses, but you can create your own custom groups to further segment your list. You can have clients with different statuses belonging to different custom groups.

To create a custom group, from the CONTACTS TAB click on the "Manage groups" icon in the bottom left corner of your screen (the icon with the group of people) or the link "Manage groups" in the Tools section to the right, then name the group and click on the "ADD GROUP" button.

To add a contact to a group, go to the CONTACTS TAB and click on the contact's name. From the PROFILE TAB, scroll down to the "Group Information" section, check the group(s) and save. If you need to add several people to a group, you can use the Search Contacts tool (in the Tools section) - tutorial.

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