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How do I change my client's password and username?


 Steps to change the username:

  1. Go to the CONTACTS TAB.
  2. Click on the client name.
  3. In the Profile Tab > Username field, simply delete the old username and replace with the new one.
  4. Click the orange "Save" button.

Steps to change the password:

  1. Go to the CONTACTS TAB.
  2. Click on the client name.
  3. In the Profile Tab, click on the "Change Password" button.
  4. In the Password fields enter the new password, and re-enter in the field directly below, to confirm.
  5. Click on the orange "Save" button.

Important note: Client passwords cannot be sent as such to clients via email by the coach, since this is not optimal from a security point of view. You can send the username and a password (re)set link to your client by clicking the link to "Send reset password link to client" (found just below the "Change Password" button). This sends the client a message that uses the template found in My Account > Notification Templates > Password Reminder. The replacement tag $PASSWORD$ used in this template (and anywhere in your communications to the clients) will generate a custom link for the clients to (re)set their password.

The clients can also change their password by logging into their private client portal on your Console website, going to the Profile Form and scrolling down to click the link to change the password. If they forgot their password, they can use the "forgot password" link on the client login page and follow the instructions for password recovery. Clients, however, cannot change their username in your Console system. For that, they need to contact you.

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