Is there a way to import contacts to Inactive Clients? The import process wants to load contact information into default field Prospects.


All contacts imported are done so within the Prospect status. The reason is because your Console requires 5 mandatory pieces of data in a contact's profile in order for them to be classified as an 'Inactive Client' status: First & Last Name, Username, Password, Email, Time zone. And since these are rarely required in other contact management programs, there would be no way to import them properly. So they'll be imported as "prospects" and then you can go into each contact and choose the time zone, create the login requirements and set the status to "Inactive". Another alternative is to assign these contacts in your existing contact list to a "group". When you import contacts and they are assigned to a group they will be imported in that group. You could create a group called something like "Imported Inactive".

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