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Does a visitor (prospective client) need to register first in order to be able to schedule?


As a prospective client, when someone visits the calendar of a coach (either with the direct link or via the Complimentary Session sidebar box) and select an appointment type then an available time to schedule, they are prompted in the scheduling process with an Opt-In Form where to type in their name, email address and phone number. When they submit their information and schedule, they are entered as a prospect into the coach's contacts list. So, the visitors do not have to create an account with the coach via the Register menu tab and page first, in order to schedule.

Then, if they decide to become a client who needs access to the private portal, the coach would simply assign them a username and password and mark their status to "Active" or to "Hot Lead", so that they can log into the private portal of the coach to access their confidential information such as forms, documents, etc.

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