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Can I export my clients from Coaches Console to an Excel spreadsheet?


The export is not an Excel spreadsheet as file type, but a .csv (comma separate values) file that can be opened in Excel. From there, you can save the file as an Excel spreadsheet.

Navigate to the Contacts (in the main left menu) > IMPORT/EXPORT CONTACTS icon (in the lower left corner of the screen with 2 arrows). Or via Contacts > "Tools" section to the right > "Import/Export Contacts".

At the bottom of the Import/Export Contacts screen you will see the option to "Export Contacts". What is created when you click on the "EXPORT CONTACTS" button is a comma-separated (.csv) file that is then ready to be imported to other programs (such as Outlook, ACT, etc). Even if you just want the contacts to be in an Excel spreadsheet, choose your version of "Outlook" from the Export pull-down menu. Click on the "EXPORT CONTACTS" button to create the .csv file that will be downloaded automatically on your computer and you can open in Excel. 

Alternately, if you want just a list of specific information for your contacts/clients you can also run a CLIENTS REPORT.

  1. Navigate to the REPORTS section.

  2. Choose the "Clients Report" and it will prompt you with the data you wish to be include in the report.  Simply check mark the options you desire (firstname, lastname, email, address, etc) and run the report.

  3. Once the report has been generated, you will have the option to print and/or to download to an Excel .csv file.

Please note that you need to follow a specific set of steps to open a .csv file correctly in Excel:

  1. Open the file in Excel.
  2. Select the column with the data.
  3. go to the Data menu and select "Text to columns".
  4. In Step 1, choose "Delimited"
  5. In Step 2, select "Comma" as delimiter and " as text qualifier.
  6. Click on Next and Finish.
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    Sally Eames

    This doesn't work in my V3. Instead, the file opens as a webpage with all of the information on it. And I cannot save it as a .csv file. I'm using Safari. I don't know whether that makes a difference.

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    Marius Chitosca

    Hi, Sally,

    All client reports and client data files exported from the Console are in the .csv (comma separated values) format. I tested with a Clients report in my account and I can open the file in Excel.

    So, a couple of questions for you would be: do you have Excel on your computer and, if so, did you follow the instructions in this article for opening .csv files correctly in Excel? I ask because it would seem that either you don't have Excel on your device or do not select Excel as the program to open the file with, and your operating system tries to open the .csv file with the first suggested application that you have on your device.

    If you encounter further obstacles or have more questions about this, I recommend that you submit a ticket to us in the Help Desk with details. :)

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