How do I gift a course to a client?


The courses cannot be accessed by client as such directly; they first need to be added to products as content in Billing menu > Products > Add/Edit product > 'Content' tab > scroll down to the 'Content Permissions' section > add the course(s) in the 'Courses' field.


After you add the course to a product as content, in order for a client to have access to it, the product needs to be purchased by the clients from the Products & Services page on your Console website or anywhere else you insert/place the product on your Console website pages or an external website pages.

Another option is that you gift the product to a client on your coach end:

  • To just one client: in Contacts menu > Client Name > section 'Products' on the right side > link 'View All' > use the button '+Gift a product' > select the product from the drop-down list in in the pop-up that opens and save.


  • To several clients at once: in BILLING tab > option to 'Gift' in the drop-down to the right of the product > filter the clients by types and/or groups > select the name of the clients > then click on the GIFT PRODUCT button. Video tutorial.


  • Products can also be gifted to multiple clients by applying this action after an advanced contacts search. Video tutorial.
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