When a new prospective client registers herself online, can she login immediately or do I need to activate her account?


When a person clicks on the "REGISTER" button on your website and enter their name and email, they are automatically added to the "Prospect" section of your contacts list in your Console system. To activate them, click on the CONTACTS TAB, scroll to the "Prospect" section of your contact list and click on their name. Click on the "Profile" tab. At the top of the Profile page, you will see the statuses of Active, Hot Lead, Inactive, Prospect, and Buyer. Simply click on the radio button next to "Active". This will activate their account and will now "turn on" the username/password the client created when they registered on your site. Mark their status as "active" and click "save".

Be sure to then send them the "Welcome" email template as well as the "How to Access the Private Web Site" email template (from the New Client Autoresponder series), so they can get started.

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