When I try to add a client with a username, a red banner pops up and it says that the username is already in use. However, I cannot find that username being utilized in any client list.


To ensure complete confidentiality and security the usernames and passwords are not only within your list of clients but within ALL of the coaches using The Coaches Console. So for example, if for some reason another coach happened to use the same username as you for a client, then it will not allow you to use it. For such a client, the simplest solution is to create a different username. Use a combination of letters and numbers to increase the chances of the client username to be unique.

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    Vilma Blum

    OK, so i have changed the username, i have changed the email, what else should i try to make that work?

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    Marius Chitosca

    Vilma, if it still does not work (meaning you still see the error message and the contact entry is not created), it would mean that some other coach uses that variation of the username too for one of their clients. So, we suggest that you change it to make it more unique (add a number in the client's username, for example, if you are using the name of the client as username). If it still does not seem to work, please submit a ticket in the Help Desk where you provide more details (the username and the email address you want to use, and for whom) and we will take a closer look at why it does not work. Thank you.

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