How do I find out whether the communication messages are sent or if there is rather a problem on the client’s side of the communication loop?


To find out if your email, newsletter or autoresponder left from the Coaches Console, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to CONTACTS TAB > CONTACT NAME > "Email Log" tab.
  2. Filter by the type of communication (e.g. email or auto-responder);
  3. Click on the Preview icon to the right of the communication message you want to check.

That will display a pop-up window the content of your communication. At the top, above the header, you will see the date and hour when the message was sent. IF you can view this piece of information, it means that the message was sent from the Coaches Console and the problem is not caused by the Coaches Console.

You can also write to us in the Help Desk, giving us the name of the client and specifying the message with delivery problems. We can also check in SendGrid (third party services we use to deliver and monitor the Console emails for coaches) if there is an issue with the email address of the client. There can be a problem with the Console messages being considered as spam by the receiving email address.

Once established that, the client has to do one of the following things to make sure s/he receives communications from you:

  1. Add your Coaches Console email address (e.g.: to the white list of safe senders;
  2. Check his/her junk folder or spam filter;
  3. Notify his/her email provider that anything coming from should be allowed to pass through into his/her inbox.
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