How can I create a email link on my Coaches Console website, so that the client can click on it and contact me directly by email?


You can create a link to your email address inside a page or a sidebar box that appears to the right of that page. The clients will click on the link to use it. Steps:

  1. Go to WEBSITE TAB > PAGES, create a new page of edit an existing page. If you want to put the email address link in a sidebar box, scroll down and use the "ADD A SIDEBAR BOX" to create a new box, or edit an existing one.
  2. Either in the content editor for the page or the sidebar box, write something like "Email me" (or other relevant text that you prefer), then highlight the text with your cursor.
  3. In the text editor command menu, click on "Insert/Edit link" and in the popup window, in the "Link URL" field, type in your email address.
  4. Click on "Insert" (you may need to scroll down to see this button at the left).
  5. You will be prompted with this system message: "The URL you entered seems to be an email address. Do you want to add the required mailto: prefix?"
  6. Click OK (add the mailto: prefix) and the email link for your visitors/clients to use will be created. With just one click, their email software (like Outlook) will open with your email address already in the "To:" field.
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