When I sent a follow up message to my client after the coaching session, the subject line included my business name. Why is that and how can I make it not appear?


Most Console communications bear your business name in the subject line. If you want to avoid that, we recommend sending follow up messages using the Session Notes or the Client Log:

A. Session Notes:

  1. Go to CONTACTS TAB > CONTACT NAME > "Appointments" tab.

  2. To the right of the specific appointment, click on the "Session Notes" icon (with the sheet of paper).

  3. Call Strategy Answers: at the top of this screen you'll see any answers the client submitted to their call strategy for this specific appointment.

  4. Coach's Private Notes: In the middle of this screen is a box where you can take your own private notes (not even the client sees these)

  5. Session Follow Up Notes To {client's name}:  At the bottom of this screen you will see this follow up box. Whatever follow up you desire to send to your clients, we recommend that you type it in this section (you can format it just like you can with an email and it is branded with your logo/colors, etc).

To make sure the Session Notes are sent to client, check the box that says "Email client notes" underneath the Session Notes form.

Also, if it's a pro bono appointment, check the respective box to specify that.

That way, when you click the "save" charcoal button, all of these notes/material that is related to this specific appointment is organized by appointment date, making it easier to locate the messages in the future.

And... your business name is not included in the subject line of the "Session Follow Up Notes To Send To {Client's name}".

B. Client Log

  1. Go to CONTACTS TAB > CONTACT NAME > "Client Log" tab.

  2. Write your notes in the new entry log.

  3. Since these are notes you want to show your client, check the box underneath the text editor that says "Show log to client". This will prompt other 2 check boxes:

(a) "Send email notification to client": the client receives an email announcing him there a new entry for her/him to see the client log (after s/he logs in);

(b) "Include log in email": check this and the log entry is included in the notification email to the client, so s/he can read it without having to login to your private website.

Again, either way is perfect. Just remember that with email messages sent from your Console that the subject line will always start with your Business Name.

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