Is the contact information in the website footer an "all or nothing" feature? I want my website, email and phone number show up, but NO address.


This is controlled by the option 'Show Contact details in the website's footer' found in Website > Settings > section 'Additional options'. It is indeed an all or nothing feature, meaning that the system displays what you type in the respective fields, found in My Account (top right corner) > Coach Profile.

In this example, you could delete the address or make it more generic in My Account > Coach Profile. But then the address will not (fully) appear in your invoices as well.

So, if you do not want your (full) address to be on the website, but you need it in the invoices, then you might consider deactivating the option 'Show Contact details in the website's footer', and creating instead a 'Contact' page where you include only the contact information you want to display on the website and link it to a menu in the website navigation for visitors and clients to find that easily.

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