Do you have a SEO package in your offer and what can I do myself to improve the ranking of my Console website?


We may come up with a more dedicated SEO package later on, but there is no deadline in sight for that at the moment.

In the meantime, we suggest that you work with the Advanced tab of the page wizard (Website > Pages > edit page > tab 'Advanced'), where you can edit the browser title of pages, and enter meta descriptions and key words, to improve the SEO aspect of your pages. And you can adopt the best time-tested SEO technique, the most appreciated by search engines like Google: as much content as possible that is relevant to your coaching business in the pages of your Console website, in relation with the key words that you know your potential clients would use in the search engine. This is how websites get better ranking over time. Additional SEO techniques can do little tricks, but the bulk of better ranking is good quality, relevant content.

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