I'd like more tips on the content editor. I have issues with the fonts/sizes, pre-formated headings, when to use what, etc. I'm thinking about the branding side of it too.

When creating pages (or newsletters, emails, etc), you can use the "FORMAT" Pull down menu within the Content Editor and the following "rules":

HEADING 1 - for any main page titles or main sections within a page

HEADING 2 (&3) - for sub headings (or subsections) on a page

HEADING 4 - to highlight a special tip or resource i have on a webpage that i want to be sure folks don't miss

HEADING 5 - Perhaps you don't really use this one as it just becomes too small...

There is rarely a need to change the "Font family" or the "Font Size". You can do everything using the pre-formated headings to be sure everything is consistent from page to page to page.

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