How do I create a new menu to be displayed on my website?


Follow these steps:

  1. Go to WEBSITE > MENUS.

  2. At the top right of the screen, click on the orange "ADD MENU" button. This will open a new dialog box where you can type in the name of your new menu in the "Label" field. Note that whatever you type in this field will be what is displayed on the actual menu/tab of your website.

  3. In the "Place it" field, you can place the new menu as a main menu or you can add it as a submenu.

  4. All "Menus" are linked to a specific page. You must select the desired page that you want your new menu to be linked to, so that when clients click on the menu, it will display the content of the particular page you want to show. If you have not yet created a new page to be associated with this new menu, then at the top of the "Links to" pull down menu and click on "New Page".

  5. Click on the "SAVE" button.

Once you click on "SAVE", two things happen simultaneously:

  1. The menu is added to your list of main menus and
  2. If this is a new page, your system will open the "Edit Page" content editor so you can begin to create the content for the page associated with the menu you've just created.
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    Kisha Cameron

    how do you change the menu ORDER? I can create menus/pages, but can't manipulate the heading order on the site.

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    Flame Schoeder

    How do you hide some of the menu fields?

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