I am an iPEC student and I just subscribed to the trial program of one year. I was so enthusiastic about this program that used a different login name before receiving the one provided by my mentor coach. How can I fix the situation?


Actually there is nothing you need to do. What i'm gonna share with you might be a bit confusing, but I think it will become clearer as I go.

You actually have two accounts:

The first account you have is as a coach, using your own coaches console system (the 1 year free membership). This account is the one in which you created a username and password for when you signed up for the free membership. It is also in this Console system that you schedule your own appointments when you are the coach. This account is also where you take notes for your clients/peer coahcing buddy sessions and track the hours YOU spend coaching. To access this system you use this link to login:

The second account is the one you have with your Mentor. The only thing you do in this account is schedule appointments that you have with your mentor. Your mentor coach most likely assigned a username and password to you and gave you their specific login link for you to access their calendar.

Just remember you have two accounts:
1 for you as the coach running your coaching practice and
2 for you as the student working with your mentor

They each require different, unique usernames and passwords.

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