I think I sent an invoice yesterday to a client. How can I see if I sent it, and how do I know when it has been paid by Paypal?


When you create/send an invoice a copy of it is (a) automatically posted in your client file area under the "Invoices" section and (b) automatically posted on the PAYMENT Tab of your private client website for your client to see.

To see your copy of the invoice summary/details:


  2. This will display the invoice summary of any/all invoices that have been created for this particular client.

  3. On this Invoice Summary Screen (on the right) you will see three columns: Amount | Paid | Balance.

Amount = amount of original invoice;

Paid = if/when an invoice is paid by PayPal/Credit Card, the payment will automatically be recorded and posted in this column;

Balance = if the invoice has not been paid, the amount will display under the "Balance" column.

To the right of each invoice, you will see two options in the drop down list:

VIEW: click on this and you can view the details of a specific invoice. This is also where you would manually mark a payment made (if a client pays by check for example) and create an invoice.

RE-SEND: If you need to send another copy of the invoice, click on this link and your system will automatically resend a copy of the original invoice.

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