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Can I integrate LeadPages with the Console?


Yes, to integrate the Console with LeadPages, follow these steps (visual guide bellow):

  1. Log into your LeadPages account > My Account > Integrations section.
  2. On the left side, in the section "Email Marketing Services", activate the option "Other Copy/Paste".

To create a LeadPage where you insert a Console custom Opt-In form code:

  1. Click on the "LeadPagesTM" link at the top of the LeadPages working area.
  2. Click on the button "Create New Page" and select a LeadPages template. For example, a Thank You Page.
  3. Please note that, depending on the template you choose, the Opt-In Form will either appear directly to the left as a section or you will have a Button Link where you choose Options from its settings, then click on the link "Show Opt-In Form", and then on the link "Click here to edit the Opt-In form".
  4. Once in the Opt-In Form settings page, go to Integration Settings to the left and choose "Integrate form with Other" from the drop-down list.
  5. Go in your Console coach account to WEBSITE > CUSTOM OPT-IN FORMS > go in edit mode in the Opt-In form that you what to integrate in your LeadPage and copy the code from the last tab of the wizard (Opt-In Code).
  6. Go back in your LeadPage and paste the Console Opt-In form code in the "HTML code" field, scroll down where the fields are listed and uncheck the Website field, and then click on "Okay". Confirm changes.
  7. Save your LeadPage.
  8. You can run a test subscribing via your LeadPage and checking whether the test prospect was subscribed in your Console contacts list. Make sure the email address you use for opting in the LeadPage test is unique in your Console system (no other client or prospect uses it).

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