Can I track coaching hours for ICF?


You don't necessarily have to record all of your sessions (although we personally do that only because it's a great value-add benefit for your clients). Check with both the ICF and Integrative Nutrition, as they may require you to submit a certain number of recordings for samples of your work.

The Certification Report in your system has all the information they require. Once you've scheduled your appointments (past and present) in your Console calendar, click on the Reports menu > section 'Clients' > Certification Report (system version 4), respectively Reports menu > Certification Report (system version 3), and choose the 'Show for all dates' option, or tweak your time interval for the report.

After you click the 'Run report' button (system version 4), respectively 'Generate' button (system version 3), you'll see the report on your screen. In the upper right corner you'll see the "Download Report" button that will export this into an excel-type spreadsheet, so you can print and/or email it in to the certification team.

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