I want to put an introductory video or audio on the product page, is that possible? How do you make an embedded YouTube video show up?


We'll assume that you have already created your video and uploaded it to your video hosting platform account (such as YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, etc.). If you use the default Products & Services page that your Console creates automatically to display your products on your Console website, then you will NOT be able to add a video there for the product (the Description section of the product does not support embedded videos; only text and images).

However, you can create a (sales) page dedicated to the product(s), where you can insert the video. In Website menu > Pages, you would just need to create a new page and customize it with the content about the product(s). You could format your custom page however you desire inserting graphics, videos and buy now buttons for your product. And you can either link the custom product page to a menu on your website, so that people can find it, or you can create a "Read More..." link that leads to the custom product page in the description of the product (Billing menu > Products > edit specific product > tab "Details" > section 'Product description').


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