What purpose do the options Credit Card, Cash, Check, Waived or Barter serve in invoices?


There are two ways for your clients to pay your Console invoices: inside or outside their Console private website. If the client logs into the Console and pays via PayPal and/or Credit Card, the respective invoices are marked automatically as paid.

If they pay outside the Console, the invoices will not be marked automatically as paid and you will need to do that manually in Contacts menu > Client name > Invoices (scroll down on the right side) > link 'View All' > click the option 'View' from the drop down list to the right of an invoice > scroll down and use the button 'Add payment' > select from options: Credit Card, Cash, Check, Waived or Barter in the payment Method pull-down menu > setup the other payment details > use the button 'Update' to finish.


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