How do I assign people to a 4 week class and then invoice for payment in advance and set an invoice that everyone gets for a class?


The first step is to create a "Group" and assign the contacts of the class to that group:

  1. Click on the Contacts menu;

  2. Click on "My Groups" button (top-right of the page);

  3. Click the button "Add Group".

  4. In the pop-up window add the group name and use the field in the section 'Add members' to search and add the people in the group.


Once you have created the groups and assigned your contacts to the group now you can:

  • Email the group,

  • Send a newsletter to this group,

  • Schedule group appointments,

  • Send group follow up notes after a session,

  • Invoice members of the group.

To Create an Invoice for a Group:

  1. Go to the Billing menu > Invoices;

  2. Click the button 'Create' (top right).

  3. In the 'Create Invoice' page > field 'Add Clients' you can add all the clients in your group by their names (type their name to search and select).
  4. Next, you can either create an invoice by clicking the button "Bill for coaching" and your system will automatically apply the dollar amount on file in each of the clients' signed and current/ongoing agreements, OR you can click the button "Add Line Item" and you can type in the details of what you want to invoice and add the line item to the invoice.

  5. When done with the invoice details, click on the "Generate Draft(s)" button (bottom right). The drafts will be in Billing > Invoices where you can send them to the clients.


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