How to create a Public form for prospects and visitors


In this tutorial you'll learn how to create public forms for uses such as sample session preparation, surveys, assessments, etc. and place them on your website.

You can also create direct links within webpages, emails or newsletters.

This video will walk you through how to create the form and place it on your website.

You will also learn how your visitor can access and complete the form and where the answers are saved.

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    Svea van der Hoorn

    very helpful
    Can you create a part 2 which is about how to do a form which you want only specific people to fill in?
    Would that mean having to have a page specific to them where you write for whom this form is and then have a link to the form.
    That way some "public" people may fill it in but at least they would have read for whom the form is.

    last way I suppose would be to rather have a menu with a page and an opt-in box on that page. Once they've opted-in then have the form etc go out via an auto-responder?

    This was very sueful though as I often work on weekends and need to get from "huh????" to "done" in a few hours. Thanks

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    Wanda King

    Thank you for the tutorial. Very informative.

    Do you know of a way, to create an assessment form and send the results to the person taking the assessment?
    In other words, I want to create an assessment for the public to take. I want the submitted selections to calculate the totals and based on the total, an email is generated to the person, informing them the category type they relate to.

    Example: Assessment has 5 questions (multiple choice), each option on a question has a weighted score (Opt 1= 5 score, Opt2= 4 score, Opt3=3 score...) based on the selection, all 5 questions are added up to determine an overall score- Total score =25 (Opt 1 was selected for all 5 questions)--The total score 25, is then assessed in the backend and scores ranges 25-20 = Respondent is category 1, scores 19-10= Respondent is in Category 2, score 8-1= Respondent is in category 3
    An email is sent automatically to the respondent, informing him of what category he falls in based on his selections.
    Thank you in advance.
    Wanda King

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