What do some of these icons in the content editor mean, and what do they do?



Below is a list of how some of the icons you will see in the content editor function:


 Paste as plain text will remove any formatting that may be attached to the copied text.

 Insert/Edit Link will allow you to create a link to a form, document, page, etc. Simply highlight the text you want and click this icon to create the link.

Insert/Edit Image allows you to insert an image that has been uploaded into your Console System. It will also allow you to upload a new image to the image library in your Console System.

Insert/Edit video allows you to add a URL link to a video on a page, or embed the video directly into the page.

Source Code allows you to use HTML code to format your pages, etc.

Insert Opt-In allows you to insert a custom Opt-in Form that you have created directly onto a page.

Insert Buy Now allows you to insert a Buy Now button to a page for clients to use for purchasing a product.

Full screen allows you to view the content editor box in full screen mode to make it easier for editing. Clicking the icon again will bring the view back to normal.

Horizontal Line allows you to insert a horizontal line to the page.

Special Character will allow you to insert special characters to any content.

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