How do I add a digital signature to my emails in the Console?

There is already a digital signature that can be generated in the system with the options "Show name and business name fields value in the footer of client communication" and "Display social media links: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn in the footer of client communication" if you have them activated in My Account > Communication Settings > Email Settings.
If you want to insert a signature of your own design, you would simply go to each autoresponder message or communication template and add it there in the editor, element by element (text, images, social media icons).
Or, as a shortcut, you could go to My Account > Notification Templates and add the digital signature in the template Unsubscribe Communication Footer. The footer appears automatically at the bottom of each email, newsletter, autoresponder that you send, so by inserting the signature there once, you don't have to insert it every time in each individual message.
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