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So, I purchased Coaches Console because I wanted to get everything under one roof, and hopefully cancel my Acuity Scheduling ($10 per month) and AWeber ($19 per month). And now that I'm in CC, I see the Shopping Cart feature is an additional $50/month. Aren't I already paying $149/month for Coaches Console? And I have to pay EXTRA to get one of the features to help me run my BUSINESS out of Coaches Console? Of course I would need a shopping cart! Why does that not come standard? Also Acuity Scheduling and AWeber are way WAY CHEAPER.


I totally understand. And first I want to acknowledge you for simplifying your business by streamlining all the different technologies you’re using to run your business.

At The Coaches Console we actually offer two packages, The Basic Console System (that does not include the Shopping Cart and Course/Content Delivery Module) for $147/month. We also offer, The Total Console System at $247/month (that does include the Shopping Cart and Course/Content Delivery Module).

We cater to coaches at various stages of their business. Many that are just making the transition from a job or are in the very early stages of their business may not need to sell their packages online or may not yet have developed course content for various programs. The Basic Console system is ideal for them as they do not yet need to sell their packages and services online nor delivery any content.

As coaches expand their business and are further along in their business, ideally, they begin to add the ease for clients to purchase packages and programs and scale their business by offering online programs to larger groups of clients. Thus we then have our Shopping Cart and Course & Content Delivery Module that users can add on whenever it’s appropriate in their business evolution.

If you’re ready to start selling online and delivering content, you simply upgrade to this module for an added $50/month to your existing Basic Console System (it’s actually a savings of $50 each month by doing it this way).

Yes, Acuity, AWeber, Timetrade, Constant Contact, etc are each individually less expensive, but when you add up the 7-9 separate technologies that you’d need to run your entire business, you’ll end up spending $352 – over $500/month in your business. The Coaches Console is a significant savings for your business each month by having all of your back end needs covered in one, integrated system.

When you’re ready to add on the Shopping Cart and Course & Content Delivery Module, login to your Console System > go to Cart > Products > click the button to add the shopping cart.


We appreciate your business and should you have additional questions you can always chat with our support team at anytime.

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