Should not the unsubscribe link be present in all emails? I tested and I don't see it.


Not all messages that you send to your clients from the Console contain an unsubscribe link. It also depends on how you tested it. A few guidelines:

  • Don't send the test email to yourself as coach (because you are not a client in your own list who can unsubscribe).
  • Don't just send a test (with the Send Test button). The test email is not sent to a particular client, so there is no one to unsubscribe via the test email to justify the presence of the unsubscribe footer/link.
  • Don't send a direct email from a client's profile (one-time direct emails do not require an unsubscribe link; they are considered normal communication).
  • Also, the unsubscribe link is not present in system notifications that are needed in your work with clients (performance of contract/service), such as appointment confirmations and reminders, client log entry notifications, emailed session notes, etc. (all found in My Account > Notification templates and CALENDAR TAB > Notification templates).

The types of communications that include the unsubscribed links are: group emails (or email campaigns), newsletters and autoresponder series, all created and sent from the COMMUNICATE TAB.

So, if you really want to test this, then you need to send either a group email (email campaign) or a newsletter to an actual client in your contacts list (it can be a test client) from the COMMUNICATE TAB. Or you could also subscribe the test client to an autoresponder series (you can create a test autoresponder with just one message scheduled at 0 days to receive it immediately upon subscription).

But you can also look/check in the Email Log of any of your clients who received group emails, newsletters or autoresponders from your Console and preview those sent messages. You will see the unsubscribe footer in those messages that fall under the categories mentioned above.

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